Whisper Presko Squad Welcomes Their Newest Member!

With the search for a more presko and comfortable period pad, young girls have switched to Whisper Breathable. Now, more and more Filipinas are wanting to be a part of the Whisper Presko Squad too! So,to celebrate the amazing turnout of #HingaLangGirl moments, Whisper went on a search for the next Presko Squad member. It’s been a long time coming, and after a few presko challenges, the Whisper Presko Squad says hello to the newest addition to the pack!

Marielle Frances Ramos is the proud winner of the Search for the Next Whisper Presko Squad. A multifaceted creative with many tricks up her sleeve, Marielle is a confident beauty queen from Bohol. She spends her time doing digital illustrations, graphic designing, content creation, and even crafting.While not a lot of people may know this about her, but when the creative juices come in, she pours her talent in writing poems, which eventually leads to songwriting. With dreams of performing live on stage and be on TV, Marielle has bloomed with newfound confidence since she switched to Whisper Breathable, giving her the presko she needs on her red days.

What Does It Take to Be a Presko Squad Member?

The Whisper Presko Squad:Andrea, Kyline, Francine, Belle,Maris, AC, Marielle and many more Filipinas have experienced the #HingaLangGirl presko feeling— empowering them to not settle for less, confidently pursue their talents, and reach their goals! The Presko Squad had a blast with Marielle in the recent trending #HingaLangGirl! Whisper Presko Squad Hangout Live where they welcomed her to the group and talked about why she made the switch.

Like many Filipinas who have switched to Whisper Breathable,Marielle also enjoyed the fresh and presko feeling that Whisper provides. “Yung old pad ko it keeps on itching my thighs. Tapos I thought puno na yung pad ko when I check it’s still not,” Marielle said in the #HingaLangGirl!Whisper Presko Squad Hangout Live. She also shared, “Nag-switch ako kasi kaka-period ko lang and I really love the Whisper Breathable!” Just as much like the *9 out of 10 girls who also love the pad.*Based on quantitative usage test survey in Metro Manila (August 2020)

Presko Squad Hopefuls

Speaking of other girls, here are the 9 finalists that were also in the running for the Search for the Next Whisper Presko Squad. Red days are no match to these girls since they switched to Whisper Breathable’s presko and airy feeling that allows them to chase their dreams with confidence.

Aira Bea M. Atienza is into make-up, she loves exploring new make trends, and trying to apply it also with her colleagues.

Annadel Hilaria loves acting and dressing up.Aleah Allen Muñoz is a theatre actress, a beauty queen, content creator, and a make-up artist.

Cassie Uy-Oco is is a mental health advocate. This led her to create a TikTok account to educate her audience about psychology-related content.

Clarisse May Gubatan’s talents include dancing, singing, and acting. She also spends her time listening to old songs, playing mobile games, and creating content for her TikTok audience.

Hyacinth Caballejos loves to sing and dance. During her spare time, she enjoys reading books and solving Math problems.

Joyce Sharmaine S. Carlon has a multitude of talents including modeling, performing orations, and even competing in her school’s intramurals. Not to mention, she’s also ambidextrous!

Larra Joy Sampang can dance, do vlogs, write stories, and occasionally sing. She is currently trying out crocheting so she can craft her own outfits.

Ybeth Rosario works full-time in the BPO industry to help with her family’s finances. But during the weekends, she also loves modeling, attending workshop, and shoots her own YouTube videos.

No wonder the #PreskoSquad wants you to experience the same presko feeling from the Whisper Breathable pad, giving you comfortable presko protection from the thousands of airflow vents with the deep anti-tagos channels on the improved top sheet, and less thigh irritation from the soft wings.

What are you waiting for? Ikaw na lang ang kulang! #HingaLangGirl and try the Whisper Breathable available in Lazada and Shopee.

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