World Glaucoma Week March 12 – 16, 2012

I was able to attend the Philippine Glaucoma Society and its World Glaucoma Week this coming March 12 – 16, 2012. The  Philippine Glaucoma Society would like to spread the awareness about the irreversible vision loss. This is not like cataract with just a operation or laser treatment you can already correct it. But with Glaucoma once the optic nerve leads to progressive and irreversible vision loss.

What is Glaucoma?

Is a conditoin that affects the eye’s optic nerve, a bundle of tissue that carries information about what one sees from the eyes to your brain. When fluid cannot escape, the resulting pressure builds causes the optic nerve to deteriorate, resulting in vision loss and irreversible blindness.

Who is likely to contact Glaucoma?

  1. Family History of the disease
  2. High Eye Pressure
  3. Previous Eye injury
  4. Chronic Steriod use
  5. Diabetes Mellitus
( Doctors present at the World Glaucoma Week Media Launch are Rainier Covar, MD, Jose Ma. Martinez, MD, Hannah Pia De Guzman, MD, Ma. Zita Meriales, MD, Manolito Reyes, MD, Ma. Imelda Yap-Veloso, MD, Mario v. Aquino, MD, Norman Aquino, MD)

Glaucoma Screening

During a glaucoma screening exam, the eye doctor will look inside the eye for signs of damage to the optic nerve. In addition, the doctor will gauge the fluid pressure inside the eyes with an instrument called a tonormeter, which either rest against your eye’s (numbered) surface or sends a puff of air onto the cornea. The adequacy of the eye’s fluid drainage channels is also assessed (gonioscopy). Other tests that may be included are those that measure one’s peripheral vision (perimetry) and visual acuity

I say that if you have one of this on the list better have your eyes checked early on before its too late. This World Glaucoma Week has numerous forums for lay people as well as glaucoma screenings activities will be held in selected hospitals and eye centers countrywide.



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