World Vision Philippines Run a great success



I am a World Vision blogger. In my simple way I try to help and spread the word what is World Vision Philippines. I always love and support such advocacies for the children as a parent I know how it feels to need that help.




Last  June 24, 2012 at the Bonifacio Global City I got to join the World Vision Philippines Run.  I love taking pictures and video of every event I attend but this one is so touching seeing people running for a cause for the children.


I got to see Mark Joseph Casidsid is the name behind the “Blind Runner”. It just inspire me that even he is blind it doesn’t stop him from running and barefooted. I never got to take a video nor picture because coming from the corner before the finish line they are coming so fast for the finish.


Photo from PinoyFitness


It caught my attention seeing  a guy running with a flag and a heavy backpack along side my blogger friend carl.  Carl got the chance to talk to this guy while runnning and he ask why he has this bag and flag with him. He is  Robert Nocelo  he is a US veteran that just flew going here to attend the World Vision Run. The reason why he has this bag and flag because he will joining the Annual Memorial Bataan Death March. That’s why he starting training himself for the said event.


 My fellow blogger John



My fellow blogger Nonoy who runs barefooted.



 My fellow blogger Carlo



1st time running barefoot Val Caro



Here is a video of all the 3k, 5k, 10k and 21k finishers.







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