Wyeth Nutrition Nurture Inspire Give

I always support companies that doesn’t forget to help the people in need. Being a successful company should give back the blessings they receive. This is one factor I see how the company is compassion not only to its customer but also to people how is unfortunate.

Wyeth Nutrition Nurture Inspire Give

Nurture Inspire Give

Now Wyeth Nutrition and with Synergeia Foundation came up an advocacy campaign called “Nurture, Inspire, Give”. Their campaign will start this June 15 until August 15, 2013. Within that two months they pledge to give away notebooks equal to the number of registrants for the raffle promo.



For every purchase of Aquiva (900g), Progress Pre-School (900g, 1.6kg), Promil Pre-School (900gg and 1.6kg), Bonakid Choco Boost (800g), Bonakid Pre-School (900g 1.2kg and 1.6kg) Enercal Plus (900g), and ProMama (900g) comes with a free limited edition notebook and a scratch card. The scratch card has a promo code in where you need to register by texting to be eligible in the raffle promo. Also with that registration a less fortunate school children notebooks.



Here are the samples we got of the notebooks when you get to buy Wyeth products. It’s has a hard cover and the paper used is



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