Add fun to your life amidst the pandemic with free online games

This pandemic has been draining us even if most of the time we are just inside our home. Not being able to go outside anytime we wanted and not being able to travel to our favorite places is exhausting and stressful. No Amount of activity inside the house can ever replace the freedom we have before this pandemic.

But as the world is still battling this unseen enemy, our best weapon is to distance ourselves from the crowd and be home most of the time because there’s no safest place but home.

To ease your boredom and to relieve your stress, you might have tried baking, cooking, gardening, painting and doing a lot of arts and crafts activities, and maybe now you get tired of them and you’re looking to try something new and exciting.

Why not play online video games? Yes, online games can be fun and entertaining. Apart from that, there are certain skill areas that online games can develop such us critical thinking, patience, concentration, strategy, problem-solving and more.

So while most of us are still stuck at home, let’s take some time to relax and breathe from the usual daily grind we do and visit, where playing is not just fun but also educational. You can find games and more at, a site for free online video games which can be quickly played from your browser. Yes, no need to install the games to enjoy them, so you don’t have to worry about your internal space being loaded with a lot of files.

Nowadays, you might be saving up for emergencies that you don’t have extra money for things that are not necessities, but worry not because at, you don’t need a single penny to play or even upgrade your game – having fun is totally free!

This site that pays homage to the era when people used to love playing games on consoles back in the days of the original Nintendo, aims to add a bit of joy to people’s lives while they are stuck at home during rolling lockdowns. And while today’s mobile games or online games mostly focus on battles, paid upgrades, status symbols and addictive loops, is pretty much different as it is not following those sorts of trends. The games are super simple and casual that they can be played and finished quickly, so you have more time to enjoy other types of games that you find interesting.
You need not register or set up a user account, too – you simply enjoy without sacrificing your privacy.

The site is very kid and family friendly. It caters to everyone and anyone in the family as it does not feature games that are violent or pornographic, unlike the many popular games on the web nowadays. There are also a lot of games to choose from : abstract, puzzles, simulation, strategy and even educational games like Math for the young ones. is indeed a source of entertainment and fun learning. Growing up kids will learn while having fun while the grown-ups will reminisce their childhood days of being carefree.

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