ATAT Racing Team conquered 2014 Philippine Superbikes Championship

Last Sunday of October 5, 2014, we were invited by ATAT Racing Team to watch the Philippine Superbikes Championship at Clark Speedway. This would be my first time to watch a motorbike championship. I usually watch car racings and car shows but this time would be different.

Watching riders take their laps during a championship made me realize that joining such competition takes real determination and discipline. In addition, the great risk during the race is higher running on 200+ per hour is no joke riding a motorbike. One wrong mistake will make the rider fly high and tumbling down to the ground. Luckily, during the championship the spectators witness only few slips and slides.


  • ATAT Lawrence Macalinao – Nationals SBK Novice Champion, Pirelli Cup Open Division 1st runner up overall, Ducati Cup novice 1st runner up
  • ATAT Jvs Aguila – Pirelli Cup Open Division overall Champion
  • ATAT Jay Carrion Red Rider – Ducati Cup Champion Intermediate
  • ATAT Myke Torres – Pirelli Cup Class B Champion
  • ATAT Vince Mercado Jvp Mercs – Ducati Cup Open Division 1st runner up
  • ATAT JC Villanueva – Pirelli Cup Class A, 1st runner up
  • ATAT Richard Guevara Panlilio– Ducati Cup Intermediate – 2nd runner up

ATAT Racing Team garnered nine trophies and won in three classes.



The will to win… passion, hard work and determination! During the Pirelli cup, Jvs Aguila won race 1 by 6 seconds and race 2 was declared a wet race. He crashed on the 2nd lap of race 2 and willed to carry on. Race was red flagged and it was restarted. He finally crossed the finished line on 2nd place making him the overall champion!

ATAT Racing Team would like to thank their sponsors: Technomarine, Megaworld, Assurant, Brikefire, Foil A Car, IPM Group with support from Jill’s and Sleepworth handmade essentials


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