How to choose the right mattress

Getting a good night’s sleep is key to better health and your mattress has a lot to do with it. According to Michael Decker, PhD, RN, associate professor at Georgia State University, ‘a mattress can impact a person’s sleep’. The type of mattress you lie in, be it firm, medium or soft, can either interrupt your slumber or give you a restful sleep.


Before you head out to a mattress store, make sure you look into these tips in choosing the right mattress for a comfortable sleep and an ache-free morning the next day.


Know the types of mattress. Familiarize yourself with different types and physical components of a mattress. Some of the most popular includes innerspring, memory foam and latex. Innerspring mattress is the most common and cost effective as it uses a steel coil system for support and covered with materials like padding and quilted ticking for comfort. Memory foam mattress molds to the shape of your body and distributes your weight evenly. Latex is made from either natural or synthetic rubber, which just like memory foam, also conforms to the contours of your body reducing pressure points.


Understand your physical needs. There is no single mattress type that would fit for all. If you’ve been suffering from back or neck pain, choose a mattress that would provide support for the natural curves and alignment of the spine. If you have allergies and asthma, find a mattress that’s designed to prevent the growth of dust mites, mildew and bacteria. For a restful sleep, purchase the mattress that would suit your needs.


The size of the mattress matters. If your mattress complies with your sleeping patterns and relieves back pains, you also have to consider getting the right size for a comfortable sleep. Make sure you and your bedmate have the proper amount of space to sleep in. Twin size can accommodate one child and an adult sleeper. A queen size bed is recommended for couples, and if you are more than six feet tall, a king-size mattress is a good choice.


Test run a mattress before you purchase it. You wouldn’t buy a dress without fitting it first, right? Same goes in buying a mattress, make sure to test nap on it by lying down for 10-15 minutes. If it feels comfortable enough especially in your favored sleeping position, then it’s the right mattress for you.


Buying a mattress is a big purchase for your home. Since you are to spend one third of your life sleeping on it, invest on one that can give the best value for your money and comply with your physical needs. Choose the right mattress for a sound night’s sleep and a rejuvenated feeling the next morning.


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