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Reebok Easytone Launch Forth Day Teaser

kick off task: Show us a video of you saying you love Reebok Easytone and why are you looking forward on the arrival of what’s going to be everyone’s secret advantage. BE CREATIVE! I not a video fanatic and also I don’t look good in the video not a videogenic.hehehe. So I created a video…

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Reebok Easytone Launch Third Day Teaser

 Don’t forget the date September 15, 2011 at the Trinoma Mall. Reebok Philippines and Team Reebok Running   kick off question: Who are you tagging along ? Why him/her? Going to bring with me are my boys 14, 6, 10months old. This a great chance to have some family bonding and strolling. We never gone…

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Reebok Easytone Launch Second Day Teaser

Reebok Easytone Second Day Teaser   Don’t forget to tag your friends, Team Reebok Running and Reebok Philippines, @reebokph on twitter with the hashtag #reebokph if you placed the save the date on your blog, send in your URL too! Let us know what makes you beautiful and where are you going to take these shoes? ~ Make…

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Reebok Easytone Launch First Day Teaser

In cooperation of REEBOK PHILIPPINES AND TEAM REEBOK RUNNING REEBOK EASYTONE LAUNCH SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 AT TRINOMA MALL  FIRST day teaser Meanwhile, here’s the FIRST day teaser for you to post on your walls! Don’t forget to tag Team Reebok Running and Reebok Philippines! @reebokph #reebokph hashtag on twitter! Invite your active friends! Pre-event kick off question: How…

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