Woman Suicide at LRT station now LRT driver faces criminal charges

Manila, Philippines — August 30, 2012. I was able to watch the news saying a woman just commited suicide at the LRT station. A woman just committed suicide at the LRT station EDSA Pasay early morning. If you have seen the CCTV footage taken at the LRT station it clearly shows that the woman really planned to commit suicide. She even knelt down and placed her hand in the rails to make sure she will be hit by the train.

The train operation is suspended due to the woman suicide and the operation resumed operation at 9am.   I just don’t get why would the LRT driver going to face criminal charges? Just because he ran over the woman who voluntary jumped and committed suicide. Even he saw the woman he can’t avoid her and the train just about to stop. He was just doing his job operating the train. As we all know its prohibited to sit or stand near at the edge of the platform area. To avoid to get swept away with the train or someone might make a joke to push you when the train is coming.

Its always the driver who killed a person is accused even it’s clear that the other party negligence and the root cause. This also applies to trucks, cars, bus and van that if the front of your automotive had injured or killed a person it’s your fault. Regardless if the person fault in the first place that crossed the street illegally or due to negligence and such other reason. There should be due process and cross examine everything before the person is charged.

We should revise or atleast broaden the scope regarding this matter. Commuters / Pedestrians should also follow rules to avoid hassles and accidents. Here in the Philippines commuters/pedestrians so hard headed to follow rules. One example is just crossing the streets even there already overpass for pedestrians or pedestrian lane. They will still cross the roan anywhere and anytime they want.

“Malakas ang loob nila kasi kapag binangga sila eh kasalanan ng naka bundol sa kanila kahit mali ang ginawa nila.”

That’s why ther are lots of abusive commuters / pedestrians out there not thinking the hassle they will cause to other people and their relatives once they got into an accident.

If there’s no budget to put additional barriers like from the other countries atleast not allowing commuters to enter the platform until the train has stopped. I know lots of commuters will be impatient about this idea and it would take up more time. But as precaution to avoid anymore suicide at LRT stations.


@this my own opinion about the issue.


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  1. I also think it’s unfair that it’s the driver who has to face charges. I don’t pity that woman at all. Stupid b*tch! Now, she’s gotten someone else in trouble… someone who was merely doing his job.

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