Bayer : Total Hands –On Mycotoxin Control to Optimize Revenue Streams

Bayer ANP held the 4th Bayer Forum last May 8, 2012 at at Marriott Hotel Manila, Newport City Complex, Pasay City, Philippines.

The 4th Bayer ANP Forum with the theme “Total Hands –On Mycotoxin Control to Optimize Revenue Streams” will explore the following topics:
Dr. Ariel B. Carlos, a highly respected Nutrition Consultant provides better understanding of the “Nutritional Effects of Mycotoxins and the Impact on Performance of Poultry & Swine”.

Dr. Nancy S. Romano, Bayer’s Nutrition Technical Person, discusses a breakthrough technology, “One-step to measure relevant mycotoxins using Bayer Quality Analyzer”.

Dr. Paula Butkeraitis, a proficient scientist from Brazil shares her expertise on “Selection Criteria Towards an Effective Mycotoxin Control”.

Francis J. Kong, the Philippines’ top inspirational speaker takes us to next level on how to “Optimize Revenue Stream of our Business”.

As the livestock and poultry production becomes more intensive and challenging, one of the critical aspects that affect production performance is the presence of mycotoxins. Mycotoxin occurrence in the feed and feed ingredients is an important concern because of the tropical climate in the Philippines. Managing mycotoxin is of increasing importance since we are dependent on imported grains which are prone to mycotoxin contamination due to differences in environmental conditions.

With this growing concern in mycotoxin, Bayer through its thrust of offering cutting nutrition technology presents the 4th Bayer Animal Nutrition Forum with the “Total Hands-On Mycotoxin control to optimize revenue streams”. Together, with local and global experts in their field, , the 4th Bayer ANP Forum will explore the topics on systematic approach in optimizing the revenues streams by controlling mycotoxins- Understand, Diagnose, Resolve and Optimize. Total hands-on control starts with understanding the nutritional effect of mycotoxins in swine and poultry production, to measuring mycotoxins in the raw materials using the latest technology, to knowing the best mycotoxin binder solution to protect your farm/feedmill operation and finally optimize farm resources and performance to increase revenue streams.

The Bayer Animal Nutrition Forum is an annual activity of Bayer Animal Health for Animal Nutrition to strengthen its presence in the animal nutrition industry. Bayer Animal Nutrition has been growing consistently and significantly, gaining good position in the livestock and poultry market. This was achieved through the launch of its overarching brand Bayer Animal Nutrition Pilipinas and its mantra of “Oneness to Excellence” reflected in its activities, services and high quality products.


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