Villar Foundation: Saving the environment and helping the community.

Did it ever come into your mind how can you be a part of saving our environment and help other people in the same time?

Ever since I try to save the environment in my own simple ways. At our house I seperate the recyclables to the non-recyclables.  In sorting it will only take a little of your time but will make a big difference to the environment.

There is one non-government organization (NGO) that made me smile and can be proud is  Villar Foundation managed by Las Pinas Congresswoman, 2001 – 2010 no other than Cynthia Villar. I got the chance to visit and see for myself what Villar Foundation programs and projects.

Coconut Husk into Coco twine and Coco nets.

The Villar Foundation noticed there are lots of coconut husk floating in our rivers and along  sidewalks. They made a way to convert garbage coconut husk into useful economic materials like the coconut twine and coco net.

Coconut husks are made of bristle fiber (10%), mattress fiber (20%) and coir dust andd short or waste(70%).

From the husk of the coconut, the fiber can be extracted. This is called coir. Coir derives its origins from the Malayan word “kayaru”, which is “cord.”

The coco net is a low cost biodegradable netting used in to arrest soil erosion. Apart from being cheaper and more environmentally acceptable its long biogradability nature.



Coco peat or dust as Organic Fertilizers

Villar Foundation even made a way not to waste even the coco peat or dust. They made the coco dust and mixed it with scrap leftover food collected from their barangay. In this way the community can help in lessening the waste and benefit having organic fertilizers for their own plants


Hollow Blocks and plastics

We all know plastic is a non-biodegradable materials its would last years and it will be the same form. Villar Foundation thought that mixing shredded plastics with their hollow blocks can make it more harder and long lasting. Rather putting those plastics into the trash make it more useful.


Weaving blankets for calamity victims


As livelihood for its community Villar Foundation had put up weavingn blankets for calamity victims. Making and giving their own made blankets is a good way to show that special they are.



Villar Foundation been providing livelihood to its community and helping the environment. They faced a lot of challenges at first but with the participation and support of its people it made a great success. For me I would love to know more about Villar Foundation projects and its programs that would develop and help our community and our environment. I take lots of dedication and compassion to be able to do everything of these for others.



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4 thoughts on “Villar Foundation: Saving the environment and helping the community.

  1. This will be a nice idea, helping our environment – reduce waste and recycle 🙂

  2. Mac Vasquez

    Most of the foundations has been a help to people and its society. But to some an escape goat for tax exception ect. But for this one I presume that this has a good beginning and motives. I just hope that if they sit in a more higher position that they would as well lift up employees by returning the laws in regularization in the companies and the security of tenure of every regular personnel.

  3. i like the fact of Mrs. Cynthia Villar advocacy of helping the less fortunate families in Las Pinas City and these one of a good example that every juan can do..

  4.  I like how the implement their projects.  Pro environment and pro community.

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