Carnivale the newest food market at Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill

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We were invited in the 10th Mercato Centrale food market is now open for that festive season starting this December 12, 2013. So before everything else I asked permission if I could bring my family to the place so that they can get to experience what Mercato is known for. Also told them that we can drop by after our dinner celebration within the area and they won’t have to bother for our dinner.

The newest Mercato market will be called “Carnivale.” The name was aligned with the theme of the venue, which is in Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig. Venice Piazza is the perfect venue for us, because its brings a different vibe which makes you feel you’re in foreign land and it bring new inspiration for our food market. Nothing could be better than combining a place with good ambiance, great quality dishes, and great people.

We came to the place at about 9pm and the whole place is full of energy and that aroma of food. This is the first time I am with my whole family in a place like night food market. I want to get also their opinion as first timers what can they say about the place. The organizer obliged us to atleast to try their desserts even we already had our dinner. So who can ever resist that sweet offer. hehehe!!!

We had 3 slices of cake and some sodas and to tell the cakes is not bad at all from what that I expected. It really pays to really try the food offering at the place and get to experience different taste.


While enjoying our slice of cake we got to enjoy the live band performance that called my attention. Why? This woman is not the common sexy and seductive singer but deep inside you can feel the sexy and confidence in here performance. You can watch a my short video including her performance and tell me if I just mistaken.

The venue is the plaza in the middle of Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill Taguig, in front of Amici. You can bring the whole family even the kids that everyone will surely would enjoy.

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