Ceelin Plus for my kids


No mom’s out there would like to see their children sick of those nasty cough and colds. One way is prevention and taking vitamins is a must in every growing child.

I always make sure to have a steady supply of vitamin C right from the start. Young children grow rapidly and their immune system is not yet developed. With vitamins it would help their body build that immune system to fight sickness.

Before when my kids where small I give them Ceelin but now there’s Ceelin Plus with Zinc.

Why with Zinc?

· required for the normal development and maintenance of the immune system; helps regulate the activity of cells involved in immune function

· Functions as an antioxidant by being a cofactor of the enzyme    superoxide dismutase which is involved in the removal of harmful free radicals. 


Age Group

Recommended Dose
Orally, once daily.

1 – 3 yrs.

2.5 mL (½ tsp.)

4 – 8 yrs.

5 mL (1 tsp.)

9 – 13 yrs.

5 – 10 mL (1 – 2 tsp.)


Or, as directed by a doctor.

So mom which is most costly buying vitamins for your kids you’re paying the doctor and hospital bill when they get sick? Of course all of us would like prevention and it’s so hard to see our kids sick.

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