Petron Grab a Porsche – Got two of them already

Petron Porsche Carrera GT

Petron Porsche Carrera GT

Guess what I got last 2 nights ago coming from an event. Before heading home I decided to top down in gassing up and to avail that Grab a Porsche promo. At first I plan on getting only one from the two models that has a remote control.

Petron Porsche 918 Spyder

Petron Porsche 918 Spyder

But because my gas is almost empty and loading up full tank I loaded 46liters of gas worth Php 2,359.05 for SuperXtra gas. It would be nice to load up with XCS that I usually load up but decided with the SuperXtra Unleaded for the time being.


As you can see I got the two models of Porsche that has a remote control. Also these two looks different from the rest of Porsche offered.


The remote control is just the same size of any regular remote control of our cars today. You can also attach key chain with it.




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