Coca-Cola PH strengthens recycling presence in Bacolod

MANILA, Philippines, 08 March 2024 — Coca-Cola Philippines, in partnership with Basic Environmental Systems and Technologies, Inc. (BEST) and the Philippine Association of Stores and Carinderia Owners (PASCO), has launched the Tindahan Extra Mile (TEM): Balik PET Bottle Program in Bacolod City.

By engaging 500 sari-sari stores and carinderias as new collection partners, consumers in Bacolod City can take more action around recycling and help advance a circular economy for plastic packaging.

Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez welcomed the initiative and emphasized the importance of partnering with industries, companies, social enterprises, and non-government institutions to deliver impactful and sustainable opportunities that can help uplift lives.

Bacolod City Mayor Albee Benitez, BEST President Isabelita Mercado, Coca-Cola Philippines Public Affairs,
Communications, and Sustainability Sr. Director Ivanna Dela Torre, and Coca-Cola Philippines Sr. Director for Franchise Operations Pablo Medina signed an agreement launching the Tindahan Extra Mile program in Bacolod City.

“The Tindahan Extra Mile Program is a testament to our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. By mobilizing our local entrepreneurs and fostering community engagement, we are taking significant strides towards a greener and more sustainable Bacolod,” he said.

“As we launch the Tindahan Extra Mile Program, we are not merely initiating a program; we are igniting a movement,” Mayor Albee emphasized. “Together with BENRO, BEST, Coca-Cola Philippines, and our dedicated micro-retailers, we have the power to effect real change and preserve our environment for future generations,” he added.

How does TEM benefit micro-retailers?

Through Tindahan Extra Mile, participating micro-retailers will receive financial incentives by collecting PET plastic bottles. The program encourages the community to partake in a shared responsibility towards a cleaner Bacolod by providing convenient collection points in front of sari-sari stores and carinderias. Residents can easily drop off their empty bottles for recycling. Store owners will accrue environmental points proportional to the bottles they collect, redeemable for cash or products through the bXTRA app.

Coca-Cola Philippines, BEST, and the City Government of Bacolod engage micro-retailers
to join Tindahan Extra Mile and set up PET bottle recycling bins in their stores.

“Investing in the Tindahan Extra Mile program aligns perfectly with Coca-Cola Philippines’ goal to collect and recycle the equivalent of every bottle we sell in the country. By empowering women micro-retailers, who make up a significant portion of sari-sari stores and carinderia owners in the Philippines, TEM creates a convenient and accessible network for consumers to recycle,” said Pablo Medina, Senior Director for Franchise Operations at Coca-Cola Philippines. “

This program not only helps foster environmental responsibility but also provides opportunities for financial independence and growth for these female entrepreneurs, driving positive change within their communities.”

How can a micro-retailer become a TEM member?

Sari-sari store and carinderia owners in Bacolod City sign up to become members of the Tindahan Extra Mile Program.

Any sari-sari store and carinderia owner can become a member of the Tindahan Extra Mile in
three easy steps.

● Step 1: On the Tindahan Extra Mile Facebook page, sign up on the bXTRA website using your email address.
● Step 2: Collect empty PET plastic bottles and bring them to the nearest TEM Trash to Cashback Collection Hub.
● Step 3: Exchange your PET bottles for a TEM kit and card to start earning environmental points.

Watch here to learn more about Tindahan Extra Mile.

BEST Senior Vice President Jan Vincent Mercado urges micro-retailers to join TEM as members. “In partnership with Coca-Cola Philippines, our aim is to empower micro- entrepreneurs to become environmental stewards,” he said. “We acknowledge their significance and influence within communities, emphasizing their potential to encourage community members to segregate plastic waste and participate in recycling endeavors,” Mercado said.

Empowering micro-retailers for a World Without Waste

To enable more micro-retailers and inspire collective action towards plastic bottle recycling Coca-Cola Philippines will bring the Tindahan Extra Mile Program to other areas such as Cebu and Cagayan de Oro in 2024.

Last year, Coca-Cola Philippines launched its consumer engagement program, “May Ikabobote Pa”, to educate, inspire, and engage more consumers to return their empty bottles and cans for recycling.

To advance the circularity of plastic packaging, the company also introduced new bottles made from 100% recycled PET plastic. This packaging innovation is now available in Coca-Cola Original 190ml, Wilkins Pure 500ml, and Sprite 500ml. These bottles can be recycled many times, significantly reducing the volume of virgin plastic created and used. 

Consumers can locate the nearest collection points and discover more about Coca-Cola Philippines’ recycling initiatives through the Coca-Cola Sustainability Hub.