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Oh! Another mall adding up to my list of must visit for this year. I’m not a mall rat but I could say I just want to discover new places and things to do. Every sunday me and my family stay somewhere in E. Rodriguez Quezon City and wait for my dad to finish his bowling. We usually just stay there and let time passes by. But now we have the option to go somewhere and make our time worthwhile. I am saying this because there’s a mall will be opening this end of quarter 2013. No other than Fisher Mall located at the Old Pantranco Bus Terminal Roosevelt Avenue, Quezon City.


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Fisher Mall is owned by Mallers Management Corporation  of Del Rosario Family better known in the fishing industry. Fisher Mall its a 114k square meter mall that is easily accessable within Quezon Ave. , Quezon City. I already got to see this magnificent mall started and now they are now the five-storey structure of the building is already in place.  Fisher Mall is designed by the renowned Architect Felino Palafox assuring the integrity of the building.


Raymond “Ray” Del Rosario

President – Mallers Management Corp.

Ray Del Rosario has stated during the press launch that going to Fisher Mall will bring a new mall shopping experience. That Fisher Mall will be the mall that Filipino will love having their shopping.

Just listening to Sir Ray Del Rosario made me feel the excitement and looking forward to see this amazing mall. We can now have a place where we could go if we are within the area of Quezon City.






Moleen Del Rosario


Clothers Asia

We are investing heavily in Filipino fashion. Fisher Mall will be a venue for fashionistas of all shapes and sizes – to mingle. There will be a fashion ramp where runaway shows will be held on a regular basis”

Fisher Mall will be both having International and local fashion that would cater every filipino desire.


Obby Del Rosario


Fisherfoods Corp.

With Sir Obby Del Rosario he is the one in-charge of our future supermarket needs. He can proudly say that their Fisher Mall will be having the freshest  fish and a wide variety of seafood offered in their supermarket. In as fast as 20 minutes, they can have newly caught fish in their supermarket each and every single day.

For sure that Fisher Mall will have the freshest fish coming from their fishing company straight from the port.  Who can even resist having that opportunity having the best and fresh fish that you will serve for the family to enjoy.




Paul Del Rosario


Mallers Investment Inc.

Sir Paul Del Rosario ensures that Fisher Mall the building design is in it maximum structural safety and security.

Likewise, strict adherence to the latest fire provision code is top of mind. Fisher Mall is built to endure the most extreme hazards.





Bobby Del Rosario


Mallers Investment Inc.

Mr. Bobby Del Rosario  as said its a family project that it took them years to plan to be implemented. They wanted to give back to the Filipino people the blessing they been receiving in a way in having Fisher Mall. They wanted Fisher Mall not only to be called a commercial mall but a Filipino family oriented mall.



 We got the chance to talk to Sir Ray Del Rosario and Obby Del Rosario so happily telling their gaming experience as gamers as themselves even with their hectic schedules. They made me more interested in the area “La La Land” in where the biggest gaming arcades in the country. With 2,400-square meters dedicated to games, it’s like having a huge playground for both kids and who want to feel a kid again.


Fisher Mall will be equipped with generators when power is needed. What is important for me is the ample space in parking. They have a 3-level basement parking that can accommodate 1,000 cars and an open parking space.

If your going worry about the traffic that will cause once the Fisher Mall opens. They are already coordinating with the traffic enforcers in how to resolve the traffic once the Fisher Mall opens.

So mommies and friends come and join me at the last quarter of the year for the opening of Fisher Mall and let’s together experience the mall no like the others.





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