Ford Philippines Caring for tomorrow : i pledge to drive safe

Ford Philippines has promoted safety driving from giving Ford Life seminars and demonstration. Just recently launched the Ford Philippines Caring for Tomorrow at the Fort.


4-Point Harness for Pets
Ford 4 point harness for pets

Ford 4 point harness for pets

Ford Philippines has introduced the 4-point harness for pet owners. Often times see pets head outside of the vehicle window. This can be very annoying to other motorist in seeing your pet peeking outside the window. Also this can cause hazard to the driver that attention is divided both on the road and the pet itself.

To avoid that hazard they come up having a harness in keeping your pet inside and secured inside the car.

Active Park Assist
Ford Active Park Assist

Ford Active Park Assist

With the kind of parking we have here in Philippines squeezing to make that parking would be a difficult task. Now Ford Focus has these feature that would help the driver in making that parking like a breeze. But as I always say nothing beats the pure talent in parking of course.

This is among of the safety features that Ford vehicles has to offer not only to its driver but also to its passenger.

You can try and check their car models to any dealership and would be happy to assist you.


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