Towing in Quezon City one of the worst



I saw this video in my Facebook timeline and seeing it just made me so mad. I you a car owner surely you also will get furious about this one. Seeing in the way they tow the car is improper. For what reason they all needed to ride at the back of the car? Are they liable in for the damages during towing?

As a car owner I know once you place your handbreak you won’t be able to move the car. Unless if your going to force the car to be moved like the one see in the video.

The car being towed is a Lancer Mitsubishi and knowing the specs of the car doing such towing will only damage it.

What can you say about this procedure done by this towing company? Fellow MitsuLancerPH, TCCP, CivicClubPh, other car clubs and car owners do you think they should get away from this?

Ilan na sa inyo na biktima ng ganitong paraan at pagbastos na tao ng mga towing company?


Credit owner of video: Marbel Bayombong.


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