Solane safety cap and seal making every home more safe

As a mother, I am responsible in cooking for the family meals. In cooking meals, I need a reliable cooking gas to provide that even burning heat to make my meals. With that I also look in a LPG tank is the security and safety for my home. Before I used a different brand but I noticed and smell a gas leak from my LPG tank. It is a good thing that I was aware of the signs of gas leak and what needed to do in such situation. That is why I decided to switch to Shellane and now known as Solane.


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Now Solane one of the top providers of cooking gas in homes and business had come up more secure and protected tanks. They wanted that every customer have the assurance that they are safe using Solane.








Solane now has a safety cap & seal in one in recurring against gas leaks and potential fires. Safety cap has a serial number as proof of authenticity of all Solane products.


 Solane Safety Cap


Enjoy the benefits of the new seal


  • Gas-tight Solane Safety Cap and Seal
  • With Serial number as proof of authenticity
  • Tamper proof
  • Guarantee of quality




Solane Authenticity Checker

Check your tank’s authenticity


Rip off the tab with the serial number and verify you LPG tank’s authenticity. Log on to your Facebook account, go to the official Solane Facebook page at and click on Apps to use the Solane Authenticity Checker. Refer to the serial number found in the tab of the Solane Safety Cap and Seal for verification.




Prevent Gas Leaks


You may re-use the Solane Safety cap by plugging and locking it in the LPG valve. This will help you prevent leaks when the regulator is not in place.



Solane Checker


To ensure you are getting authentic Solane LPG with the innovative safety cap and seal, you may order Solane LPG for your household needs by going online at, calling 887-5555 for home delivery within Metro Manila or sending SMS to its nationwide textline 0918-8875555.  Getting a refill for your LPG tanks at home has never been this safe and convenient. Every Solane LPG delivery to your home guarantees a 7-point Safety Check of your LPG system by our well-trained Solane LPG riders, which is a service exclusive only to Solane LPG users. For the LPG that is strict sa quality, safety, and service, order na sa Hatid-Bahay Online!

Bureau of Fire Protection

With the coming of summer this when most fire cases in the Philippines. Isla LPG Corporation and Bureau of Fire Protection, Memorandum of Agreement Signing.

With partnership they will conduct series of training programs about fire prevention and other related issues.


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