Gerphil Flores The Impossible Dream

Gerphil Flores as the 3rd place winner at Asia’s Got Talent. Win or lose she wins the heart of the Filipino and The Hitman David Foster. Even Gerphil Flores is not the Grand Winner for sure she will be having a career she been dreaming of.

She sang for her grand final performance “The Impossible Dream” with such talent Gerphil Flores poses nothing is impossible.

Golden Girl Gerphil Covers “The Impossible Dream” | Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final

After her performance David Foster mentioned that “I promise you, the world is gonna know about you”. We all know that David Foster knows when a person is talented and would make big. Along with that he can make that dream come true with the talent and the right attitude.


But her career is not over because with Asia’s Got Talent this would be a start with a great career.

With her young age and powerful voice and charm people will be mesmerized.


Here one of comment I saw at Asias Got Talent Facebook that with talent you can reach for the stars.

Congratulations El Gamma Penumbra for being the first winner of Asia’s Got Talent! You truly inspire and convey a meaningful message in every act that you do. To Gerphil-Geraldine Flores, you still have a bright career ahead of you in David Foster’s hands. That’s for sure. I really believe in your talent! You never fail to leave me in awe and my jaw, dropped every time I watch your performances. Kudos Filipinos! ‪#‎TeamPH‬


Gerphil Flores for me you still a winner along with all the finalist. You really showed that talent is truly world-class. Hope that I can meet you and the other finalist in person. As what they say:


Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.” – Lou Holtz


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Credits: Video and Photos From Asia’s Got Talent


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