McDonalds Happy Meal Books making reading with my kids fun

McDonalds Philippines has come up in having McDonalds Happy Meal Books making family bonding more fun.

Other than playing with my kids we often have breaks and read some story books. All of my kids love the idea of making fun while reading. Now my youngest will make “Kulit” to me while I am working just to read him a story. We would go to bed and do some “kulitan” first like hugging, kissing, and I would tickle him. Once we get to enjoy lying down we would read some of his favorite books.

But this time I got the McDonalds Happy Meal Books for him. What I love with the McDonalds Happy Meal Books is small that we can bring it inside his bag when we go out. This will keep him company while on the road. Also it has this very colorful pages that kids would love.

What is the McDonalds Happy Meal Books?

The McDonalds Happy meal books is stories that came from very known “The Magic School Bus by Scholastic”. Even my eldest remember there an animated show during his time about this.



“Family moments are what we aim for at McDonald’s. We are in a position to make elusive family moments possible so we’re maximizing this privilege by launching Happy Meal Books to inspire more family reading time, and to promote the spirit of learning,” said McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO Kenneth Yang.


How many to is the McDonalds Happy Meal Books?

The McDonalds Happy Meal Book consist of 6 The Magic School Bus series featuring the adventures of Ms. Fizzle and her class as they travel onboard a school bus to incredible destinations such as the solar system, the ocean floor, inside the Earth, and during the time of Dinosaurs. Each book also comes with a specially designed Happy Meal bookmark.

McDonalds Happy Meal Books giving to Charity?

With every purchase of a Happy Meal, a portion goes to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), McDonald’s charity of choice, which helps other children learn how to read through its Ronald McDonald Read to Learn program.

The Ronald McDonald Read to Learn program aims to promote reading to first grade public school students by providing reading kits for both students and teachers.  The program, in partnership with the Department of Education, has benefitted over 8.6 million students since it started in 2001.


McDonald’s Happy Meal Books are available starting May 8. Make reading time a regular part of your family life and share with us your bonding moments through, or tag @McDo_PH on Twitter and Instagram.



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