GOODYEAR Assurance TripleMax with HydroGrip in rainy days

Goodyear Philippines

It’s almost 20 years I been driving and ever since I been in-charge of the repairs and replacements for my car. I will bring my car to the mechanic or electrician and would not only wait but also checking what are the repairs had been done.

It’s almost 2 decade I been driving and it’s always my concern to maintenance of the car that I use. I might not have the brand new car or what can we say dressed up car but matter most to me is the performance. This would include performance with the engine, electrical, and most of all the brake system. My top priority are these 3 main components of the car. The outer appearance is nothing to me because anytime I can wash-up my car paint it would look handsome as ever.

Yes I am a mom who loves cars even during my college years. I go to drag racing, drift championships, car shows, car clubs and I myself go to the mechanic or electrician for repairs. I can level with the body and converse about cars like the big boys would do. As a mom I would my concern is brake and tires. Everytime we travel I always check my brake performance of my car. I don’t want to end up in an accident due to brake or tire blowing up due to malfunction.

Your brake system is worthless if you have a low quality tires. Low quality tires result to low on traction and fast wearing of tread life. In this way I usually ask my fellow car enthusiast in recommendation what tire is best. They would recommend to me 3 brands for city driving based on their experiences one of them is Goodyear Tires.

My family been using Goodyear tires and I could say we been happy with its performance. But now as traveling with my kids in a rainy day anything could happen. Even my youngest in his car seat still I always worry in sudden brakes. So I need to have a reliable car and tires that comes with it.


Now that Goodyear Assurance TripleMax with HydroGrip is now here I can finally replace my 2 sets of tires. I been having problems braking during rainy season most during roads like C5 or South and North Expressway. There are driver who is unpredictable with consideration in stopping or sudden slowing down.




Goodyear Philippines


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