Calpol Paracetamol in Himig ng Kalinga

Calpol Himig ng Kalinga

As a mom of all boys I always wanted nothing would happen to them. Always wanted the best for them starting from when I knew that I’m pregnant to them. I would avoid doing things that would harm my baby and myself too. One way that I done is to keep myself relaxed and always avoid any stressful events.

Calpol Himig ng Kalinga

One way of relaxing myself if by listening to music. Not only that I am having to benefit with music. Even the baby in my womb would be enjoying the soothing sound of the music.


We all know that music has an effect to each person depending on what kind and how the music is delivered. Some people would listen to love songs if the feel in love. Some will listen to rock or heavy metal music when feeling rebellious or angry.

Another way music is used the song of healing. A happy joyful song would bring anybody to a good feeling.


I was so happy to know that GlaxoSmithKline Philippines, Inc. (GSK) and Calpol Paracetamol came up with this advocacy “Himig ng Kalinga” Program. In partnership with key hospital in GMA and Luzon. They already had a pilot launch was led by TV personality Suzi Abrera at Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) and Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

Suzi Abrera

As Ms. Rachelle Gamboa Group Product Manager – Wellness of GlaxoSmithKline Philipppines said that with Calpol they wanted to share and reach out to the children in the  hospitals.


The event is also attended by Ms. Celeste Sanchez who is active in her books about music therapy.

Celeste Sanchez

Dra. Eusebio very known Developmental Pediatrician sited the effects of music to person. That music can contribute in the uplifting of the spirit of the kids most especially in the hospital who are sick.


Calpol is one of the brands that I trusted when my kids are sick and down in a fever. I always have Calpol and the other brand of paracetamol for my kids. There are times that they not in the mood to drink the other brand and would prefer the other. As mom I should be always be prepared. I usually sing them happy songs in uplifting their spirits in getting well soon.

Upon hearing the song “Gagaling ka rin” that is composed by the well-known Jimmy Antiporda. I instantly like the song and it’s easy to memorize. Now my kids know the song and  they also like it.


Calpol Moms

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