McDonalds VIP Sticker and McDelivery coupon

The kids and I had gone out to do errands and a bit of road tripping within our area. On the way home was thinking of having some merienda. Therefore, I decided to make a drive-thru at McDonald’s. We ordered our favorite fries only and all the kids are happy with that.

In addition, we asked for the McDelivery coupon just in case we get that hunger strike and too lazy to go out.

The McDelivery Coupon you can get a FREE Cheeseburger via McDelivery just by saving 86-2-36 on your phone. Using your mobile also, you can use your QR reader for faster saving. Visit for more details.


McDonald qr

McDelivery Coupon

Still feeling hungry so I decided to make a drive-thru at a different McDo branch. Ordered up the new McSpicy meal and large fries and drinks. For the boys they got cheeseburger meal for each and one of them.


Of course need to stop at the side of the road for picture picture of my feast.

Ever since got the bite of that McSpicy made me crave for more. I was so happy to see I got a big size of that Chicken. It  is so crunchy and tasteful.

McSpicy on the  Road


I was hoping to have this McSpicy all for myself but my son was asking if I can leave some for him. He still hungry and one McSpicy is not enough for them.

McDonald Drive Thru VIP

As a loyal customer I also got this McDonalds VIP Sticker. We just need to put the McDo car sticker at the driver side so any time we drive-thru we can get upgrades or freebies. Got 5 stickers 2 for my Oscar and Casper. The last VIP sticker are my reserves. Oh if your asking who’s Oscar and Casper. I named my car’s with their color and persona. hehehe!!!

In just one day we gone thru two McDonald Branches in different location. We are still craving for it. Maybe when I get hungry tonight I call for McDelivery and avail my coupon.

***This post is my opinion and not in any way sponsored nor influenced by McDonalds Corporation. I paid for our McDo grub in both McDonald Branches. Used our own car and gas to  go and


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