Greenpeace Philippines : Bright Side



Greenpeace Philippines has teamed up with Red Ninja, Solid!, and Solve the System productions for BRIGHT SIDE: A benefit gig for relief and urgent climate action.

WHEN: NOVEMBER 21, 2013 (7:30PM)
WHERE: SaGuijo Café + Bar, San Antonio Village, Makati

This event aims to raise Php 30,000 for our brothers and sisters in Visayas who are still in need of aid, and to put a spotlight on the need for concrete action to address the climate crisis.

Tropical cyclone Yolanda is the worst natural calamity that the Philippines ever experienced, and typhoons of the same scale are expected to become more frequent as the earth warms. Every single day that the world continues to burn fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas, we are aggravating climate change and putting ourselves in more peril.
That is why we need climate heroes now more than ever, to take action at the frontlines of climate destruction. It’s time our leaders stopped putting the interests of the fossil fuel industries ahead of people and the planet.

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