Maalaala Mo Kaya episode March 8, 2014


Maalaala Mo Kaya – March 8, 2014

I was watching tonight Maalaala Mo Kaya – March 8, 2014 that made me want to write about it. This episode is about a girl being rape repeatedly by her own grandfather. What is worst about it the grandmother and her aunt did not do anything about it. In addition, his uncle the brother of his dad even raped her. Both of Jenny parent’s is always at work and she is left with the care of her grandparents.

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It was too late when Jenny has to seek help from the people around and to call and inform her parents what is happening to her. She is already pregnant at the age of 11 and was diagnosed to have goronea a STD for a young age.


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With such incident I was thinking what does our government or police with such cases. For me bringing rapist to bars is not enough. They had brought the victim physical and psychological damage that would last a lifetime.

These rapists should be removed off their organs so that they will not do it again or better to death. However, with the justice system there is no such thing as due justice is given to the victim. The rapist will just get away just like in either the story or being in bars but in a few months, they will be free again. Why? Just because the victim has no money to press charges and want to avoid the humiliation.

I hope that our government would think about this one and giving the victims due justice they deserve and punish the offender. This is one reason that our people are not even confident in our justice system.

As any parent out there would not want such trauma will be experienced by their children. This is a clear case that the offender should be punished and put in behind bars. However, with the lack of budget and overflowing criminals in our jail cell. They would let such criminals free and let them get away the damage they have done.

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Starring Pen Medina, James Blanco, Lara Quigaman, Gloria Diaz, Kathleen Hermosa, at Junjun Quintana.

Directed by: Emmanuel Q. Palo

Written by: Arah Jell Badayos

Researched by: Agatha Ruadap and Michelle Joy Guerrero.

MMK Business Head: Malou Santos

Production manager: Roda Dela Cerna

Executive producer: Lindsay Anne Dizon.

Photos from Maalaala Mo Kaya

This is my personal view about the show and not any way influenced by ABS-CBN and Maalaala Mo Kaya.


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