MMDA ferryboats for Pasig River

MMDA ferry boats 1


I was taking a break for my backlogs write-up when I decided to browse my Facebook account. The first photo that I saw in my new feed is the MMDA Ferryboats being launch by MMDA Chairman Francis N. Tolentino with PRRC (Pasig River Rehabilitation Commission) Chairperson MS Gina Lopez and DOTC Asec. Sherielysse Bonifacio.

MMDA ferry boats 2

I was happy but shocked with the photos that I saw. I am happy because they had thought of a way bringing back the ferryboats as an alternative transportation for commuters. I was shocked upon seeing the big difference from the old ferry being used before and the MMDA ferryboat.

As you could see, they made a tugboat into a ferryboat with a mini bus on top of it. I am a little bit sceptical in riding such ferryboat for able for me reach my destination.  Doesn’t look like its safe and the last thing we want is for another mishap to happen.

I hope that this will improve as it goes along and better service route so commuters can maximize the benefits of taking the ferry. In addition, they would bring those aircon ferries, as we all know Pasig River have that aromatic smell to it. Who would ride a ferry when you get to your destination you smell like swampy water on the side.

Let us MMDA a break and they are trying their best to giving us alternative solution to avoid the traffic gridlock in the metropolis. Bigger boat so that they can transport large group in half a time.


Some suggestions in mind:

–        The ferries can extend up to Marikina River traffic along is so tragic.

–        Better yet if they also extend up to Laguna putting up ferry networks that will give alternative for commuters to avoid those heavy congested roads and overloading in railway transit.

MMDA ferry boats 6Photos from MMDA

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