Makati After Dark a success or a flop?

I have a gut feeling that this event would be a flop and never even attempted to sign in in their pre-celebration at the Palladium and the event itself. Now hearing complains about the event proper of Makati after Dark as being a flop is not new.

First experience TVC shooting.


This blogger “Mel”  who is usually invite bloggers to events but usually not around in the event proper. She posted and invited numerous bloggers for so called lifestyle and health event. Early in the morning of Sept 10 someone Zack  texted us that the meeting place of the event shall be at the Pacific Star at 6PM that there will be a TVC shooting.

Coming from an event in the afternoon my fellow bloggers are hesitant. Knowing the person who posted the invite usually get angry and will surely say mga “sakit sa bangs at pasaway hindi ko na sila invite”.

So we still went there to the meeting place even it was starting to rain hard already. Because it’s Pacific Star we have no option to but to park at Pacific Star.  We went at the lobby and asked the security if they know such event and person. They mention that they don’t know anything about any shooting or person that we are mentioning.

From there we got that feeling of disappointment from the person who invited us and the person who texted us. But being positive we texted Zack  after almost 1 hour of waiting the person arrived at the lobby and told us we need to relocate to the other building. Their production people are on the other side of the building and not at Pacific Star building.

So we followed him and we went across the building just in front of Petron. I can’t remember the name of the building but I would say it’s an old building with a creepy feeling to it. There are 3 more bloggers already there and was so disappointed about it. It’s not an event as we all say. We are waiting for 30mins and still we don’t know what will happen to us.

Concept Of Makati After Dark


They showed us their concept of the TVC and yes I like it but try to imagine about the run itself I think it’s too ambitious and will need a great deal of coordination and organization with both government and private sectors involved.

Make Story Short

To make the story short some of the bloggers decided to leave already because of the feeling of disappointment and wanted to go home because of the heavy rain. Me, Jeremy and one fellow blogger decided to stay thinking we are already there and because of the heavy rain and flood we won’t get anywhere. With it I need to move my car coz parking fee at the Pacific Star is not a joke. I paid almost 200 for just the parking.


We had very late dinner at around 9 to 10 already of Tapa King rice meal. My dad texted me that my son just arrived from school was stranded until the flood subsided at our place around 9pm. Staying there just made me so frustrated and the long wait.

Yes we got the chance to have makeup like zombies and shooting for a minute as zombies individually after that was a long wait. We were hoping to join the shooting in where they will close the intersection of Makati Ave. and Buendia. But we decided to go home already and it was 12mn already.

While going home our brakes gone out and was a good thing that I still have presences of mind in how to handle such situation. When you really call it bad luck or what.

I arrived home and I facebook pm Ms. Mel the person who posted the invite. Told every frustration we have about the event she invited us. But this person doesn’t even have the decency to even reply at all. 

What worst I got to talk to other bloggers that they are informed by this person Mel that the event is postponed and they will invite them instead at the run itself. “Tanong namin bakit meron sa amin pumunta pero yung iba nakuha mo sabihan? Dahil ba fav friends mo sila at kami hindi mo close eh pinabayaan mo at kahit man lang reply wala.”

Funny! one of the people who with us that time had received a pr materials from mel. “Nakakatawa email nya ako ng PR materials eh hindi ba nya alam isa ako sa mga nabwisit sa invite nya”. “Sana man lang kung wala sya meron tao magaasikaso sa mga tao pinapunta nya”

Makati after Dark – Day itself

No Band Concert!!! What!!!

I was checking the social sites on updates of this event. I would such great disappointment to see bands that should be having a mini concert suddenly informed their fans in Facebook that they will not be pushing thru to the event.


No Makati after Dark… #epicfail

No souvenir shirt, race bib, life belt with the flags, a swag bag with Halloween treats, event wrist tag and access to the Hallow Fest event. Why? Runners don’t know where to claim and even the marshals don’t know anything. If you going to try to look on photos of those runners and bloggers who among them wearing a souvenir shirt from Makati after Dark? NONE!

I called one of my friends who are going to join the run and told me “nilalanggaw itong run na ito, ano oras na wala naman nagyayari. Sayang lang ang punta naming dito ang gulo gulo ng mga tao dito wala malapitan at matino makausap.

I asked also why in the news and other bloggers who is there saying the event was a blast. “Ano blast? Gusto naming sila pasabugin! Alam mo naman ang networks at ibang bloggers sasabihin ang maganda kahit hindi naman.” “We paid 1,000 pesos for nothing”


I could say yes the concept is nice and very ambitious but they should overlooked everything to make is successful. Its one big event that even the Makati City government had supported to be able to close a portion of Makati is one difficult hurdle.

Now runners who registered are now wanting to who and where they can refund their money back. They didn’t receive or even experience as what actor Jeffrey Santos, the creative director for the race. “We promise you an experience you will never forget,” he was quoted in the press release.

These are some of the frustration from the people who attended such flop event. Hopefully the people involved and the organizers will get to coordinate to people concern soon.

There is a Facebook page named Makati After Dark Bogus that people affected by the said event can communicate and vent out their frustrations. Hopefully this will call attention to the organizers and other people involved in the event.

Another update there is also in facebook a group that explaining what happened on their part. Ambush Comics

Future Plans of Makati after Dark

They had mentioned to us that they plan next to be nationwide. It’s like having an After Dark run in numerous places in the same time. I don’t know who they will pull thru this nationwide event in when they can’t handle Makati after Dark. But well nothing is impossible and they might improve next year.

*** For the person who invited us and to the organizers “wag sana kayo magagalit nagsasabi lang ng totoo.” We are not bunch of liars out there would lie to make your event and claim your event is such a success. We are people who would be upfront and be honest. Hopefully if your next year plans will push thru just make it sure you meet what your offering.


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