Sandbox Alviera think twice before going!

Just tonight, I got news that my fellow mommy bloggers got hurt during their event at SANDBOX ALVIERA soft opening with other bloggers.

I personally know the mommy bloggers and hearing them being hurt from the ATV ride and without support from the organizers just made me so torn and angry.


The event was held April 5, 2014; I saw my fellow bloggers posting pictures with their Facebook, Instagram and twitter accounts. Seeing their pictures and seeing them enjoying the fun.


After one day, my blogger friend has to post some pictures the results of their mishap during the ATV ride they had at Sandbox Alviera.


Those with generous and kind hearts who’s willing to extend a hand for my dearest mom Rica Madrid, who needs blood donations and more importantly financial support. Those who’d want to visit, she’s on room 304, at the Orthopedic hospital in Banawe, QC. Visiting hours is from 2-6pm. She’ll be scheduled for an operation soon and badly needs your help. Thank you friends!

Sa mga friends na nagtatanong ano nang kalagayan naming mag-ina matapos ang aksidente, eto po ang mga pictures.



What is ATV?

ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) that common used in off road riding. Common cause of accidents with ATV are flipping and rollovers.ATV driver and passenger can be thrown from the vehicle, or even pinned down by it. – See more at:

A typical adult-size ATV can weigh in excess of 750 and can travel as fast as 75 miles per hour.

There are many different causes of ATV Accidents, which include:

  • Driver inexperience – driver negligence can also play a considerable role in all-terrain-vehicle crashes.
  • Improper positioning on the vehicle
  • Too many riders on the vehicle
  • Lack of protective gear
  • Operating an ATV at unsafe speed
  • Operating an ATV under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Malfunctioning parts or defective design
  • A child operating a vehicle the was designed for adults
  • Driving on paved roads or busy streets

Although head injuries are the number one cause of death in ATV crashes, they can be reduced if the rider wears a helmet. Helmets save lives!



Other common injuries include:

  • Head, Brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Abdominal injuries
  • Fractures
  • Abrasions
  • Lacerations
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Amputation
  • Death

Some common environment-related causes of ATV accidents include:

  • slippery trails
  • rocky hills (inclines and declines)
  • muddy bogs
  • driving rain
  • heavy snow
  • sand dunes

Protective clothing, rider training, and proper use of an ATV, are all vital in preventing ATV crashes.

Cost of Medical Treatment and Long-Term Care from ATV Injuries

  • Treatment for ATV injuries can be costly extensive, and often involves life-changing therapies and rehabilitation.
  • physical damages, mental impairment and emotional damage suffered by many victims of life-changing ATV injuries may be severe.
  • hysical damages, mental impairment and emotional damage suffered by many victims of life-changing ATV injuries may be severe. – See more at:

What NOW!


It is frustrating to know such incident is not even handled well by the establishment. If I in the shoes of my friend I would really be disappointed. The day of enjoyment and fun became a disaster and pain.

No offense but what kind of adventure establishment has no trained first aid personnel? When you are offering to the public is extreme and adventure rides. It has should be prerequisite in any adventure theme park to have medic facilities and trained medic personnel start from day one.



Now my friend needs help on both donation and financial support and B+ blood for her mom that will undergo surgery. If having problems in forwarding any support you can email or text me so I pick it up and bring it to them.


Think Twice!


In every adventure theme park, they will require you to sign a waiver that their establishment will not be held liable in any accident or unforeseen instances. Therefore, before getting in and trying out that adrenaline pumping experience if you are sure to face that unforeseen instances may occur.

Better, have that health insurance, personal accident insurance and cash prepared once going to that that plunges to adventure?

I hope they get their act together and think about the safety of people going to try their theme park before thinking of their return of investments. I am not against any theme parks but they should have the compassion to the persons when an accident arises.

UPDATE: Here a update April 8, 2014 our mommy blogger of their situation.

Update lang po mga friends: I would just like to clarify that through the efforts of my blogger and media friends, Ayala Land and Stratos have reached out to me and had been helping me financially since this morning. They were actually instrumental in transferring my Mom from Orthopedic Hospital to World Citi Medical Hospital (where we are now confined). They (Ayala Land) have shouldered the expenses incurred for her immediate transfer. As seen on this photo, my Mom’s now comfortable on her bed. On behalf of my family, we wish to thank everyone for all the showering love care and support everyone has extended. I will always be grateful for that. Please continue to pray for my Mom’s fast recovery and may God restore her back to good health. For those who’d want to visit, my Mom’s room at World Citi is 512. Visiting hours is from 9am-9pm. World Citi Hospital is along Aurora Blvd. bear Anonas LRT station, fronting St. Joseph’s Shrine, Project 3. Thank you!


It is nice to hear that they are already helping and hope it would not stop here. All learned their lesson and next time all should be prepared always. Take care everybody and stay safe. For our mommy bloggers, get well soon and if you need any help we are always here for you. Be strong and have faith.




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  1. Willa Stock

    Tama sis, importante talaga na kagi kang may dalang cash sa mga ganyang event, hindi dahil libre, is pamasahe lang ang dadalhin mo.there are so many unexpected things na pwede mangyari.

    • singlemomsupermom

      Dapat naman talaga kahit saan lugar na puntahan natin we should be prepared. Mahirap rin asa sa pr, organizers ang lahat. One example, kung papunta ka sa event at na aksidente ka. Wala ka naman magagawa at hindi mo masisi yung organizers. Kaya it pays to have na personal accident insurance tayo mga ng travel.

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