Car fell from Greenhills Car Park

Just this afternoon of 15th August 2014, a car fell from Greenhills Car Park near O.B. Montessori. A white Mitsubishi Galant driven by a 70+ year’s old man suffered a heart attack. Before the car fell from the third floor of the Greenhill’s car park Eisenhower corner Annapolis in Greenhills it was said that the car speeded through the parking building hitting six to eight cars before crashing through the wall.



Car fell from Greenhills wall


The car fell from the Greenhills car park crashing to downwards hitting the two vehicles in the open parking beside the Greenhill’s car park. The man driving the Galant was brought to the hospital and complaining of chest pains.



Car fell from Greenhills wall


People from the social media commented about the incident some are blaming the Greenhill’s Car park having sub-standard wall without metal bars the cause why the car fell the car park. Some says that maybe it is a lady driver some people are sexist I could say. Some say because is an automatic the driver might mistaken he put in reverse but actually it was in still in drive mode. For the others commented making fun of the incident another MRT incident or a GTA Need for Speed.

As for me, accidents happen with such accident some will make fun out of it and some will take it seriously. Not because the man is 70+ years old a person should stop driving. Hey my dad turning 78 years old and he drive just fine like the others.

With my assessment as a driver myself once you enter any car park you are liable to any lost and damages that your car will incur. Also as a driver regardless if, there a tire stopper or not, you know how to stop. Right? A wall is a pretty big hunk of slab regardless is a dry wall or concrete wall you can clearly see that when you park your car facing or backing up.

I hope the driver is ok and he has insurance or else he going to have big problems once the two vehicles will file a complaint and the car park building for damages. I pay has to have a car insurance one example is such accident like this.

As for you, do you own a car? Are your car insured not only the CTPL that is required by the LTO during the registration. Do you have a comprehensive insurance? Think twice with the accidents lately car insurance is a great investment and protection for you, your passenger and car.

Need to know more about car insurance I can help you with that just leave me a message and will be glad to give advice.

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Car fell from Greenhills Carpark




I got there photos from a fellow car club member – Jerome Tan Pho. The people at the parking told him that the said Galant was parked at the parking slot number 192. When suddenly the car started ramming over the other cars in front before hitting the wall.


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