Hit and Run C5 corner Kalayaan Sept 12, 2014

Hit and Run victim lets help find this vehicle.

Checking my Facebook account and saw this video shared by one of the members of TCCP. A Hit and run along c5 corner Kalayaan around 12am.

Upon seeing the video, we do not know the whole story why the rider of this motorbike was hit by vehicle with plate number RPU 464. As a responsible driver, we should stop regardless whose fault it is. I may be the fault of the motorbike or vice versa.

I often pass by c5 going to BGC or Makati and seeing this video seems that this motorbike driver abruptly stopped at the middle of the road. For that, reason for such accident happened to him. I am not sure if this person is wearing a helmet.

Hope that this vehicle be caught and be responsible and just hope that the police would check if this driver is under the influence of alcohol and have a valid license in both parties.

Here is the post of Sir Henry about the video he taken and see how the driver is badly hurt.

Tulungan po natin kagabi lng po ito mga 12am nakita ko sa kalye ng C5 corner kalayaan na hit and run na motor kawawa po putol ang buto sa dalawang paa nya may malaking .hiwa na sugat sa noo bali ang kamay,ang plate number ng naka bungo sa motor ayon sa nakita ng witnes RPU 464 kulay gray,nakahinto daw yung motor ng tumbukin sa likod




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