WHITE HYUNDAI STA Fe with panoramic top glass WANTED!!!


I was browsing my Facebook I saw one of my friend shared this post. I was alarmed about this one. As a parent I should know also if this would happen to me and anybody within my family.

Before I got to witness a hit a run near our area the guy flew to the air and died instantly. I tried to chase the vehicle but he was to fast for my car to keep up. Seeing or even knowing such incident make me wish such people would put in jail and pay for the bad deeds they made.

Let’s help to this person to find the person should be responsible for their daughter accident.

I will just reposting what I got from my Facebook.

Please share….. Looking for the owner of this WHITE HYUNDAI STA Fe with panoramic top glass / black roof, involved in shooting my 9 yr old daughter…

I am asking for everybody’s help to please spread the word and share this on your page…

On the early hours of December 06, 2013, Thursday 4am, I was about to bring my daughters to their school for their field trip. I was traveling along a narrow road at M.H. Del Pilar st, Brgy Bungad, Quezon City. When I came across this white Hyundai SUV with its very bright headlight directly blinding my sight. So when the driver of the said SUV and I met side by side, I brought my window down and he did so too… I asked him politely and said… “Brod, pwede mo namang ibaba” (meaning dim his headlight) he replied arrogantly, “eh, ano ngayon?!” I still kept my cool (knowing I have my children at the back) and just commented .. “brad, ang yabang mo naman…” Again he arrogantly replied “ang yabang mo din” while driving slowly away. I slightly drove forward looking on my side view mirror wanting to get a look on his plate. Then we heard 3 gun shots.

My wife told me to drive away fearing there would be more shots. A few seconds later, my youngest daughter shouted “ARAY!” then our eldest daughter told us there was blood from her sister. My wife then hugged our youngest daughter and told me to drive to the hospital emergency room.

She was bleeding when we arrived at the ER and was later told by the doctors that she suffered from a through and through gunshot wound.

Her kidney and liver were both damaged from the shot and received blood transfusion during the operation.

Clearly seen are images of the Hyundai car involved. The vehicle is on his way to exit to Roosevelt avenue / Barangay San Antonio.

How can this irresponsible, arrogant person own a gun! I believe guns should be owned to protect life and not to bring harm.
I am now asking everyone to please help us find this guy and let justice rule for what he did to my little girl. She is just an innocent child who just wanted to go on a field trip with her sister and classmates and not knowing that she would end up in the ICU.
If you have any information that could help. Kindly inform us on this number: 0928-1131893



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