John Remir Cueto Blogger Tweet his ill-mannered attitude

john remir cueto feeling influencial

Someone forwarded this to me because I was not able to read this from such ill-mannered blogger. Such person doesn’t know social manner and responsibility post such on twitter can be seen by many readers.

As per request for people who didn’t have the chance to glance of such bad mouth. I don’t know how can this person be called a blogger nor a professional.

He claims he studied at LA SALLE and an Industrial Engineer and a CEO of a company that doesn’t even have a business address nor employees. Also he and his company ek ek is banned from other I.T. events. This information I got from an organization that he is a hoax.

I heard from fellow bloggers that this person will be one of the speakers incoming blogging summit. Bloggers are laughing because what would this person will teach to students and aspiring newbie bloggers. “The art of being a Ashole blogger” as what the other bloggers is saying. Sorry for the word but this are the exact words that they best describe it.

This person claim he is a tech blogger but if you could check out his blog or FB page most of them are copy paste and just shared from other sites.

Twitter conversation

This is a twitter conversation from @Showbiz Express who usually talks about ill-mannered bloggers, showbiz and political personalities. The full name of the owner of the profile @batman2010 is John Remir Cueto.

hn Remir Cueto Bullies a

John Remir Cueto bullies 1hn Remir Cueto Bullies b

Here he claimed I called his wife such that he can’t even prove such claims.

John Remir Cueto Bullies allJohn Remir Cueto Bullies dJohn Remir Cueto Bullies eJohn Remir Cueto Bullies fJohn Remir Cueto Bullies gJohn Remir Cueto Bullies hJohn Remir Cueto Bullies iJohn Remir Cueto Bullies jJohn Remir Cueto Bullies kJohn Remir Cueto Bullies lJohn Remir Cueto Bullies mJohn Remir Cueto Bullies nJohn Remir Cueto Bullies oJohn Remir Cueto Bullies pJohn Remir Cueto Bullies qJohn Remir Cueto Bullies rJohn Remir Cueto Bullies sJohn Remir Cueto Bullies tJohn Remir Cueto Bullies uJohn Remir Cueto Bullies vJohn Remir Cueto Bullies wJohn Remir Cueto Bullies xJohn Remir Cueto Bullies yJohn Remir Cueto Bullies zJohn Remir Cueto Bullies z1

hn Remir Cueto Bullies a4b

John Remir Cueto Bullies 5

So irresponsible even used another blogger account just to be able to bash online. Also made emails and text messages to pr’s / organizers to ban us. Feeling POWERFULL / INFLUENCER.

John Remir Cueto Bullies 19

hn Remir Cueto Bullies a4b

Due to this he ruined our reputation and credibility to other people. It made me so depressed and emotionally stressed to the point I almost wanted to stop in blogging. I didn’t attend much events and didn’t want to go online to even check my emails. This person even had the nerve to give a death threat to me and my whole family.

I leave to you who is the good and the bad person here. I posted this one so everybody would know what damage that this person made not only to me but also my fellow bloggers and my son. Who done nothing wrong to him in the first place. This person is surely bitter better known “Inggit’ can’t handle the competition that’s why he wanted us eliminated.

This is only the half of it and it’s time to reveal all those comments that they made in my social accounts. Also if something bad will happen to me, fellow friends and my family you already know who to pin point and got all the motives here.

In the blogging community there are good and bad people like politics and showbiz. If you don’t have the guts and passion well you will be always at the bottom. Crab mentality.

What can you say about this kind of people lurking and giving blogging community a bad name. Do you think it’s better I file a complaint against this person? If I where you what will you do.

I believe this kind of people can be filed by libel and defamation? Do you think to better file a complaint so this person will learn his lesson?

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UPDATE: PR’s/ organizers/ bloggers received a text message just this late august or early september 2013 again banning us 5 persons and name calling us.

*** Again I am not a writer nor perfect. As for the PR’s / organizers it’s up to you if you would believe his crooked stories. As you can see all my evidences and I don’t need to make stories. I am just being transparent in what damage this person has brought me, my son and other people.


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2 thoughts on “John Remir Cueto Blogger Tweet his ill-mannered attitude

  1. Willa Stock

    I’m sure it’s up to the PR/Organizer if they listen to those people.If ok naman ang relationship mo sa mga PR,wala yan magagawa kahit i pa ban pa kayo ng kung sino.

    • singlemomsupermom

      Often there are PR/Organizers are influenced by such crab mentality persons. Makapal lang siguro ang mukha at balat ng mga ganitong tao to even try to ask for PR to ban.

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