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Red Ribbon Graduation McDo BFF together

Ever experience when out with the barkada or family all of you are undecided what to order at Mcdo it may be drive thru, dine in or take out. You get to spend more due to ordering too much.

From time to time, I love to treat my kids with the food of their choice. When they decide, they wanted Mcdo we have difficulty deciding each individual order. Now I can order just saying McDo Burger Bundle or the McDo Chicken Bundle. Less hassle and all of us would enjoy.

McDonalds has come up with this McDonalds BFF Bundles for everybody can be share with family and friends.



McDonald’s and Coca-Cola have been partners for close to 60 years, together providing millions of customers great tasting food and beverages best shared together”, said McDonald’s Philippines President and CEO, Kenneth Yang.

“Today, together as well, McDonald’s and Coca-Cola are taking a stand that real-life connections fuel our digital lives and enrich our relationships”, added Coca-Cola Philippines President and General Manager, Guillermo Aponte

McDo and Coca-Cola project


McDonalds BFF Bundle for Three persons – Php 399

McDonalds BFF Bundle for Four persons – Php 599


McDonalds Burger BFF Bundle

McDo Burger Bundle



  • choose from seven of their favorite McDonald’s Burgers
  • new BFF Fries
  • ice-cold Regular Coke







McDonalds Chicken BFF Bundle

Mcdo Chicken Bundle



  • choose between 1pc Chicken McDo and McSpaghetti
  • or 2pc Chicken McDo with rice
  • complete with BFF Fries
  • Regular Coke


McDonalds BFF Bundles is a great idea making life easy and enjoying McDonalds with family or friends. So get your McDonalds BFF Bundles drive thru, dine in or take out.

Even my kids are happy to know such McDonalds BFF Bundles. They would only say to me “Mama our pasalubong McDonalds BFF Bundles” and that it. I already know what to order whenever I caming from a event.

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to enjoy quality time with your friends over the newest BFF Bundles.

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