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Just recently, McDonalds introduced the McDonalds BFF bundles in where friends and family all can enjoy their meal together. One purpose of the McDonalds BFF bundles is making ordering easy and fast.

Now McDonalds and Coca-Cola making that McDonalds BFF bundles and Analog hours realistic and feasible for being #BetterTogether. They developed a new mobile app that will make bonding time more exciting called the McDonalds BFF Timeout App.



McDonalds BFF Timeout App host

McDonalds and Coca-Cola Philippines invited the media to be the first ones to try the McDonalds BFF Timeout app. Having to try it for the first time would give us the media the feel on a “digital timeout”.

The McDonalds BFF Timeout app can be downloaded from IOS app store or at Androids Google Play. Once downloaded you can log on with your Facebook or play as guest. Once you are in the McDonalds BFF Timeout app, you can invite friends to play and spend minutes or hours on a “digital timeout”.

Having to try first-hand the McDonalds BFF Timeout app very effective for today high-tech world. You can always see in restaurants even while eating they are glued with their cell phones or tablets. However, with using the McDonalds BFF Timeout app you will not be able to use your cellphone or even check your phone message.


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Surprise for McDonalds BFF Timeout users

McDonalds and Coca-Cola Philippines made using McDonalds BFF Timeout app more exciting. For every purchase of McDonalds BFF Burger Meals or Chicken Bundle for three or four, you will get a code coupon. You need to enter the code in the app to qualify a chance to win a free trip for four.


First Raffle Draw – Trip to Boracay
Second Raffle Draw – Trip to Coron, Palawan
Third Raffle Draw – Trip to Singapore
Final Raffle Draw – Osaka, Japan

So how long do you think you and your friends can last on a digital timeout? Download the McDonald’s and Coca-Cola BFF Timeout App now and find out! Visit to know more. Tell us how you are celebrating real-world connections by using the hashtags #BetterTogether and #BFFTimeout.

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