Philips Glam Night at Blo Blow Dry Bar

Just recently, Philips invited me for a Philips Glam Night at the Blo Blow Dry Bar. I know that Philips had a wide variety of hair dryers but I never knew that they also hair irons, curling irons and depilation. They prepared delicious snacks and pink lemonade during the event.



“It’s all about the products you use,” says Ms. Pia Umayam, Philips Consumer Lifestyle Business Development Manager for Personal Care. “A lot of styling tools now are specially designed to protect hair so it’s really all about choosing the right equipment.”



Philips Hair Styling ambassador Ara Fernando taught us. She gave tips and pointers that we women should take note. She also gave a demo in how to use Philips hair dryer, hair iron and curling iron.



Hair styling contest

After the hair styling lessons from Ms. Ara Fernando and knowing in how to use Philips hair irons, curling iron and blow dryers. Ms. Pia Umayam announced we would be having a hair styling contest.

The contest will consist of three teams of three persons each and one of the players will be the one be styled by the other players. I was among the one been picked for team B. As the theme of the contest is summer look, I thought that styling our group mate like the hair of Elsa in the Movie Frozen.

First, we curled her whole hair so that when we braid her hair it will have some volume. I curled the ends of her bangs using the Philips Curling Iron in just seconds. We wanted a clean, fresh look and match for the summer.

At first, our team thought the other them would be winning the contest but with the theme should be “Summer” inspired our team won the contest. All of us in my team were given Philips Salon Dry Compact Hair Dryer.


I so love to have one so when I get to travel I can bring it along with me and style my hair anywhere. Please check out my review about the Philips Salon Dry Compact Hair Dryer at other blog and here is the link:



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