Wanderhand App when you need home and repair maintanance services

From time to time you be needing services providers for your home maintenance but finding that credible person for the job would be difficult. Let’s admin when it comes to repairs and home services we ask our friends and family for referrals. What if all those referrals are not available to your immediate needs. . Wanderhand the newest app only available here in the Philippines will be very useful for you.

Wanderhand app offers a variety of service provider from plumber, electricians, aircon technicians, house cleaning and laundry and pressing. As of the moment the Wanderhand is only available at locations Taguig, Paranaque, Muntinlupa and Las Pinas.

So if you need some electrical work or even just some plumbing for your kitchen sink.. With the use of Wanderhand you just need to select your location if your from Taguig, Paranaque, Muntinlupa and Las Pinas and indicate the time and date the service provider will come to your house or condo.

Wanderhand app service providers is not limited to only home and condos but also offices can avail of their services.



How can service providers apply?

Applicants can apply thru online and by phone using this link and numbers.

For those who wants to be accredited you may sign up at http://bit.do/WanderhandAccreditationForm

For more details you may call us at (02)8314791 or 0916-2583328.

How Wanderhand filter service applicants?

With the help of Manpower agency they get to filter applicants and do background check for the credibility of servcie providers.

How do you use the Wanderhand App?

Once you already downloaded the Wanderhand App you be needed to register to be able to access the Wanderhand List of Services offered. Home menu you can see list of service providers like Plumber, Aircon Technicians, Electricians, House Cleaning and Laundry/Pressing.

Upon selecting the service provider now you need to select the provider specialty needed for the job.

You need to select what is your location and address so Wanderhand App would know location of service provider available at your place.

Once you selected the service provider needed you need to indicate the desired date and time for the service provider to come. At the end you can put a note for Wanderhand staff can read if you have other needs like to text you before service provider proceed or you require a official receipt. 


How to download the Wanderhand App?

You can download Wanderhand App from Google Play Store and Apple Store.


Just want to clear that I never tried the Wanderhand app yet due to its not available at my location. But the concept of this app is a good idea especially to people who needs services and repair service providers. Wanderhand mentioned soon they will expand their location services soon. If you got to try the Wanderhand app please do comment below and share your experience.


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