Man jumped off EDSA Timog flyover Sept 3, 2014

A man jumped off Edsa Timog flyover yesterday September 3, 2014 afternoon. The video was taken by Ms. Arya Jose and working near the area of incident. The reasons for suicide are not known at this time.




My observation

The man is really decided to commit suicide. He decided to move further to avoid the rescue air bag. With this kind of situation, inflating a rescue air bag is not an option. This kind of person will do everything to avoid to be rescued.

The rescuer’s should had done even the air bag is not inflated they should had followed the man’s direction and catches him to break his fall. Rather than hitting the pavement first, he will be hitting the un-inflated air bag.

I just hope that the man still alive. With the numerous incidents of jumpers like this it, really pay off that our rescuers are prepared and alert.

Taking own life is not the answer there are people willing to help and listen. Life can be tough we just need to have faith.


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