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McDonalds Shake Shake Fries


Enrique invites you to try the exciting new flavors of Shake Shake Fries! Get it as a FREE UPGRADE for any medium or large value meal!

My family love having fries as a snack or while on the road. But there are times that we so bored of eating our fries with salt on it. There are times we like ketchup with our fries but it’s too messy when you’re traveling with the kids.

With the McDonalds Shake Shake Fries we have option of flavors to choose from BBQ, Pizza and Cheesy Butter. You can get a free upgrade with every medium and large meal.

It’s just sad that they didn’t have a sour cream flavor available. Like me I love a little tang once in a while with my snacks.


McDonalds Shake Shake Fries Cheese



Shake up something new with the Shake Shake Fries’ Cheesy Butter flavor! Enjoy this doubly-delicious treat for FREE with any medium or large value meal.







A la carte order for Shake Shake Fries starts at P65


Which Shake Shake Fries flavor is your favorite?

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