My Globe Blackberry Christmas Wish

Who among you still recognize and uses this kind of cellphones I am showing you? I guess nobody because now a days cellphones are getting smarter and powerful. Almost every month there would be a newer and better model of cellphone getting out in the market. Would you be shocked if I told you that these cellphones in the photos are my current phones I am using. I live with my cellphones by text and call only and I am guilty of just using Globe prepaid. I know using has its drawbacks that me and my eldest son Jeremy feel frustrated. Let me site to you what are the common situation, problems and needs we encounter.

  1. Everytime before we leave the house I usually tell Jeremy if he can go to the sari-sari store to e-load. He usually get angry because we are usually on a rush and going to the store will take us time.  Just because there are lots of people at the store and he need to wait until the e-load is confirmed.
  2. If my prepaid load needed to be reloaded during in the midlle of  event we need to find a e-load store that usually in the places we go is hard to find or out of the way.
  3. We are going to an event and I forgot to list the details where the venue will be held. We need to find a internet cafe just to be able to check on my email, facebook or twitter for details.
  4. As a Stay at Home Mom nowadays I am not familiar with road routes and detours. We often get lost in going to one event to another. There are times I can google maps before hand we go to one place but sometimes I forget to do so due to my motherly duties. A 1 hour travel will be usually going to be a 2 hour travel because we got lost and we didn’t have a map or able to browse the net to get instructions to get to the venue.
  5. I use two cellphones because once the other low batt I can transfer my sim card to the other cellphone. If both cellphone are already low batt that where the problem begins.
  6. Texting to my friends and co-bloggers been taking my text loads but the time I notice that I need to reload again.
  7. I am usually ashamed to show of my cellphone to my friends and co-bloggers seeing me having a pre-historic cellphone. hehehe! All of them has an iphone, Blackberry or any up to date android phone.
The hassle of having to encounter these situations that usually lead to stress for me as a single mom of 3 boys is not easy. Of course I wanted to live a life that is stress-free and problem-free. I am a kind of person that not only I think twice before I spend for something. I always think many times and how it will benefit me and my kids. Is it a priority or can be bought in the future instead.
My son Jeremy saw the commercial from Globe one day and he called my attention.
Jeremy says:
“Mama you need to get a new cellphone and a plan and I think this is the most cheapest plan you can get comparing from other networks. Your already a Globe prepaid subscriber why not be a Globe postpaid so that we won’t have to endure situations and problems along the way due to your so high tech cellphones. If we are going to accumulate all the expenses we have in both in mobile and surfing is just like taking a mobile plan already or more. “
Here are the plans for the Globe Blackberry Christmas Promo:

BlackBerry Curve 8520
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 599 with unlimited mobile surfing

BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300
FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 999 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P400 consumable amount
•  1 freebie from A to C, E

BlackBerry Curve 9360

FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 1799 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P1,200 consumable amount
•  3 freebies from A to C, E

BlackBerry Bold 9780

FREE at UnliSurf Combo Plan 2499 with:
•  unlimited mobile surfing
•  P1,900 consumable amount
•  5 freebies from A to C, E

Handset pricing for all plans:

Freebie choices:

A – 10 min calls and 200 SMS to Globe/TM
B – 5 min calls and 25 SMS to other networks
C – 20 mins IDD calls and 10 ISMS to 10 destinations**
E – Unlimited calls and text to one Globe/TM number
** US, Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Alaska, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand


Its been months I been waiting for the right promo to come up I think Jeremy really has a point. This Globe Blackberry Christmas is really Something Affordable compare to other networks to my budget. Its also Something Special that I can own the top of the line Blackberry handheld as a reward for myself.  That having a Blackberry smartphone will fully maximize the features of the phone. Something Free wide coverage and seamless connection for calls, text and browsing activities. I can choose among the Globe freebies choices that comes with the handheld. Something Exciting with the biggest network modernization program allows to do much more. Something Unlimited that I don’t have to go a internet shop just to be able to check my social network in time of need.  With the unlimited mobile surfing plan that I surely love to have not able to worry that I might get overcharged while I surf.


Globe Telecom as one of the Ayala Group of companies I am assured that I am with great hands. With the bigger and better network, nothing stands in their way. Below you can see my cellphone on the left with missing ring in the center and almost the lights of the keypad is showing up. hehehe!!! This cellphone had served me well even with a limited features not comparing with the Blackberry that we all know has tons and lots of features.

Now my only task is to decide what Blackberry handheld will best suit me and a plan I can fully utilize. Can you help me decide and I need to get this promo before the December month end. The promo for the Globe Blackberry Christmas promo is just until December 31, 2011. So if your also needing a a reliable and better mobile network I suggest never look anymore because Globe is here for us.



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