My LJS Annual Bodega great buys….

Yesterday my family gone to LJS Annual Bodega sale we arrived there at around 6:00pm due to heavy traffic along the way. Never got lost on our way thanks for the map that LJS provided. Upon entering the street where the bodega sale located you can immediately notice vehicles are parked on one side of the street.  My mom and my 2 kids are left in the car due to advices from friends that it hot inside the bodega sale and it’s not advisable to bring kids inside. So me and my eldest son Jeremy scouted the LJS Bodega sale if it really hot because my mom would also like to see what for sale. Upon scouting we saw large cooler fan blowers and electric fans. Its not that hot at that time so I advice you to come in the morning or when the sun is down already.

Would ou believe I only have 2 stainless pots, 1 non-stick small frying pan, 1 stainless kettle and 1 set of plastic ladles. I know as a mother of 3 I should have completed my kitchenware by now. But buying and completing what I need would take lot of money. As of now I prioritize in buying the basic needs of my family. I hope someday someone or one from my family will give me a gift so that I can add up to my kitchenwares.

So upon checking the area out it just ok for my mom to join us and my 2 other kids inside the bodega sale. Upon entering you can see pans and utensils and the sale ranges to 20% to 60% off depending on the item. They had color coded price tag so that you would know the % discount you can get on said item.

My mom brought 2 non-stick frying pans 20% off  and 2 stainless pan with cover 60% off. As for me just brought the teats #2 on 50% off and 1 stainless pan 60% off . I would like to buy more but I don’t have the budget. 🙁 Hopefully next LJS sale I already have a budget so that I could also buy some beauty items from Goody. They have cookwares from Chef Classics, Kinox, Eagle and Sunnex

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Would like to thank Kuya Vergel Presto in helping us in choosing with what frying pan to take. He been accommodating during our shopping open for questions.

Nice seeing also Avent Philippines staff during the bodega sale.

So what are you waiting for the LJS Bodega sale is until this sunday. Better have your list so that you won’t miss out anything you looking for.


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