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Ever heard of Neuropathy? Neuropathy can not only affect older people but young people also. Common causes of neuropathy serious diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. But year after year younger people are now having diabetes and cancer. As people say as early as possible to take care of our health and prevention is the best.

What is Neuropathy?

Disease or dysfunction of one or more peripheral nerves, typically causing numbness or weakness.

Naturally, nerves can regenerate or repair when damaged, but only for a certain time. Once 50% or more of the nerve tissue is damaged, the nerve reaches the “point of no return,” which means that the nerve damage is permanent. That is why Neurobion wants Filipinos to take necessary action to prevent neuropathy, and those people who are already experiencing the symptoms should consult their doctors immediately.

In tagalog “Ito ay yung madalas pangangalay, pamamanhid o tusok-tusok ng kamay at paa.

What can we do?

As preventive measures, you can start taking Neurobion proven Vitamins B1+B6+B12 (Neurobion) helps reduce this symptom.

Neurobion Feel to Win Launch

At the launch event held just recently at Eastwood Mall Atrium, the event is attended by the media and special guest celebrity Nerve Drill Instructors Gabby Concepcion, Sam YG and Suzy Entrata-Abrera.

You need to complete three (3) activities to be able to avail of the free nerve health check and token from Neurobion. One activity I like is the Sense Glove VR station. This is a first-ever Virtual Reality experience and discovers more about your nerves. You’ll be wearing VR headset and a sensing glove. During the VR session, you get to choose from 3 challenges – playing the piano, pouring milk carton in a glass and stacking blocks. You would feel the sensing glove would shake and making the task more difficult to finish.

I just can’t imagine having neuropathy that would make daily tasks more challenging and frustrating. With neuropathy, this will not only be physically but emotionally challenging.

“The activities are meant to familiarize people with the frustration of having undiagnosed Neuropathy – particularly not being able to do simple everyday tasks like commuting, cooking, standing for extended periods and picking up objects.” Said Ming Arroyo-Cunanan, Head of Marketing, P&G Health Care Philippines.

“Among all the activities, the Sense Glove is particularly interesting. The use of breakthrough technology attracts people to try it and the virtual reality experience is an effective way to highlight how frustrating the symptoms of Neuropathy feels.” Cunanan added.

Experience the Sense Glove for yourself at the Neurobion Feel to Win event in Lucky Chinatown Mall Atrium on September 21.

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