Parents are swearing by this sulit Pampers Zero Babad Overnight Pants for uninterrupted sleep

Parents will do everything they can to give their children love, comfort, and protection. That is why when actress Elisse Joson and her partner Mccoy de Leon posted about what seemed to be a brewing problem about parenthood, it hit close to home for a lot of moms and dads.

Later on, Elisse shared more details on how they struggled in giving their daughter Felize McKenzie, and herself, a good night’s rest. She talked about having to change their daughter’s diapers multiple times throughout the night and there are days when Felize gets cranky the next day, a sentiment that a lot of moms and dads could relate to.

In an Instagram reel, Elisse and Mccoy revealed that they have discovered the solution to their sleep-related woes – the NEW Pampers Overnight Pants. She even did a test to show how the Zero Babad Night Lock works by putting the diaper on her daughter and checking up on her at midnight. She also highlighted the 10-cup loading demo where
she pours 10 cups of water into the diaper, approximately the same amount of 1 night’s worth of baby pee, leaving no room for doubts if Pampers Overnight is truly absorbent or not.

Pampers Overnight is able to quickly lock away wetness from front to back so parents can be assured that there will be no “babad” all through the night. Its NEW 360-degree NightLock belt that wraps around baby comfortably also prevents nighttime leaks.

Give your family the well-deserved uninterrupted sleep at night by switching to the NEW Pampers Overnight Pants! Pair this with the NEW Pampers Rash Shield with Lotion with Aloe and your baby will have additional rash-shield protection in the day. Now available in Pampers’ Lazada and Shopee stores and retailers nationwide.


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