‘Teary-eyed, proud,’ Moms thank Pampers for sharing touching story of single moms in latest campaign

Parenthood is hard work – but even more so when you’re a single mom. In the Philippines, about 14 million are single moms (95% of estimated 14 to 15 million solo parents) according to a World Health Organization-funded study by the Department of Health and the University of the Philippines-National Institutes of Health. Many of whom must juggle multiple jobs, household chores, their own education, and childcare all at the same time. Some single moms from urban poor and marginalised communities also experienced an increase in unpaid care work during the pandemic, spending over five hours more a day, according to an Oxfam International survey.

It is precisely this inexhaustible strength and incredible love for their child in the face of the unique challenges of single motherhood which inspired the latest program of Pampers Philippines called #MoreThanGold. It aims to support World Vision Philippines’s Go Baby Go program which gives holistic early childhood development assistance for single-mom children belonging in World Vision’s communities.

The campaign was launched with a heartwarming 60-seconder film that reflects and celebrates the extraordinary achievements of young, single mothers. We see the single mom in the film working many jobs to be able to provide for her child, finishing her studies, and taking care of and raising her firstborn. And through the eyes of her baby, as told by the tug-at-the-heartstrings voiceover, we see that it is through her strength and her determination in facing her unique motherhood journey that makes her a real treasure. Indeed, we realize that she can be anything she set herself to be – and that she is more precious than gold.

“Pampers’s purpose is to champion and care for all families and their babies’ happy and healthy development. As we continue with this commitment, we also recognize the reality that no parenthood journey is the same and that there are single moms who have been doing things beyond the extraordinary,” says Charm Banzuelo, Senior Communications Manager for Pampers Philippines. “As a brand, we want to do more and be a force for good by using our platform to share their story and extend assistance through our partnership with World Vision.”

World Vision’s Go Baby Go! (GBG) Parenting Program model aims to strengthen caregiver confidence and competence, and to provide nurturing care to babies during their first 1,000 days—from the moment of conception inside the womb until the baby turns three, so that they can reach their full potential.

World Vision’s Resource Development Director, Jun Godornes, expresses his gratitude to Pampers: “We’re truly delighted to be part of P&G Pampers’s More than Gold campaign. The campaign highlights the joys and challenges of parenthood that resonate with all Filipino parents. Pampers has become a household name that is now synonymous to the word ‘diaper.’ We laud Pampers for dedicating this campaign to single moms to support them in raising their children as best as they can. At World Vision, we believe that given the right tools and opportunities, girls can overcome adversity and become change makers and leaders of our nation. Congratulations to Pampers for inspiring more Filipinos through this heartwarming campaign!”

Unsurprisingly, the short film quickly rose to the top of online Twitter trending charts last Sunday, giving netizens all the feels. The film also prompted moms, including online mom personalities like Vien Iligan and beauty queen Jehza Simon to share experiences of their single motherhood, and tagging fellow young single moms in their re-shares of the film.

Witness a single mom’s golden moments and watch the #MoreThanGold video here: LINK


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