Parisian shoes and bags loved by KC Conception

I remember during my college days I love shoe shopping. It would take me long hours just to find that special shoes for school and casual occasions. My mom will usually just give me a certain budget for my school shoes during my college days. Of course I wanted that stylish and yet will fit my budget. hehehe!!!

Parisian is one of the brands that I love when I am in a tight budget but still I wanted that fashionable shoes. But if I have extra budget once in a while I splurge myself for buying the expensive ones. hehehe!!!

I remember the time I was shopping for a new shoes with my eldest son Jeremy. He would ask me how long will it take me to decide what shoe will I take. Because of so much style and different prices it took me some time to decide. So here is the shoes that I got.


You would notice one of my shoes got ruined underside of the heels. Because I use my flat shoes for driving. I always forget to check if Parisian has driving shoes. Gotta remember that next time.

Just made me realize that I have to replace my shoes that is so beaten up from walking and wear and tear. Got to need to buy that high heels for formal events. Seeing the new commercial of KC made me want those comfy shoes. Not because she the endorser  of Parisian shoes and bags because ever since I like Parisian even before.

SM Parisian Comfy



** I am not in any way paid or sponsored to make this post and I am making this post because I am one happy customer of Parisian shoes and bags.


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