Watsons Men Zone one stop shop for Men


As a mom of all boys buying groceries is my top expertise. Having to know where and what to get for my boys way around the supermarket. The supermarkets usually like a big maze plus the people doing their grocery list would be added obstacle.

From all the boys Jeremy is my teenager who is I could say picky in what he uses. For women we call it  beauty products but for him its called “pogi” products.

In the supermarket the beauty products and the men’s product are side by side. But with Watsons the have this special place only for men’s product and it’s called Men Zone. A wide selection of mens product in one area. This is very convenient to me when I do shopping for my sons personal grooming needs.

Watsons Men Zone offer personal care items, pharmacies, health & men products, toiletries and more.






Watson Men Zone

Now that there a Watsons Men Zone I don’t need to waste time going to isle of products just to find where is the mens product located. If ever my son needed to buy on his own he just need to go to the  Watsons Men Zone section and all he need are there. From facial wash, shampoo, soap / body wash, deodorant, gels, razors, shaving cream, and colonge.

For more details of Watsons Men Zone products your can check out their site : Watsons Men Zone


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