Pedigree University uniting dog owners


Pedigree University

I love dogs so much it might be big, small, with breed or local. They are all considered man’s best friend and rest assured of their loyalty.

I remember my dog during my high school days our dog ran following the tricycle I was riding going out of our subdivision. What so funny he also followed me and rode the jeepney going to my school. I need to go down and good thing my mom noticed our dog followed me. So she got our dog in a leash and went back home.


Pedigree University Vicinity Map

I was so happy to know that National Geographic Channel and Pedigree University had tie up in coming up an event in where all dog lovers can get together.  Held at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre in The Fort on November 24, 2013.

Left to right you can see various breed of dogs and you can clearly see how they are so cared and loved by their owners.

The whole day event gave dog owners to attend seminars and in the end of the day a program that all dog owners get to attend their dog graduation.



About 100 dog owners were granted scholarships from the generous NatGeo and Pedigree which gives them awesome dog supplies for the rest of the year.



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