Playstation 4 hardcore gamers get ready

It just out that the Playstation 4 is out and has been unveiled in Los Angeles. The last time got hand with the PS3 was when I had my vacation in the States. I usually play with my nephew. At first I had a hard time with the using the controller so much triggers but in time got the used of it.


Every relative I have in the States have a Playstation along side with their other entertainment gadgets.

Playstation 4

It’s release here in the Philippines would take longer of course. Still undecided if I’m going to get this baby along side with my Alien. To have that game satisfaction that I been always waiting for. Hey! Who said that a mom like me would be boring. I still love gaming and will definitely play games with my kids.

9011423485_c63d9a0bf2If you can’t wait for this one to be released here in the Philippines. You can always order from your relative or friends in the States. That’s what I usually do when it’s not offered here in the Philippines.




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