Samsung S4 Active joining the water-resistant smartphones

It’s high time that Samsung joined the major smartphones in being water-resistant. Almost all of the brands has its own water-resistant smartphones in the market.

Samsung S4 Active front

TheSamsung S 4 Active will be released this coming June 20 offering owners the security that their phones is safe from water. The phone with IP67 water and dust protection  is said can withstand 30 minutes of immersion under 3 feet of water. With the outer shell that shield it from dust and other liquid.

The Samsung S4 Active has a 8-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front-facing camera. Like the others it’s also a 5-inch (TFT LCD) 1080p display (443 ppi) display and a 1.9Ghz Quad-Core processor.

This handset can withstand 30 minutes of immersion under three feet of water and still be fully functional, thanks to its modified hardware and outer shell that shields it from dust and other liquids. Another distinction from the Galaxy S 4 is that the S 4 Active’s screen can function even if the user has gloves on.

Not only that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active screen can function even wearing gloves. It support 3G/4G network. I still have no idea when and how much this baby would cost here in the Philippines. But I would definitely would like to try this one out and have that comparison with my other phone that now using. They have almost the same specs but  we never know until we get our hands to it.

Samsung S4 Active Back

Also it has a special ‘aqua mode’ setting for the camera to improve all those underwater shots you’re bound to take with a submersible smart phone. That would be great and hopefully it can withstand its claims.



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