POSIBLE partners with Neri Naig Miranda

POSIBLE been helping small business and entrepreneurs and now announces the partnership with celebrity mommy blogger Neri Naig Miranda during the Phoenix National Convention held at Marriott Hotel.

POSIBLE with Neri Naig Miranda


With POSIBLE partnership with Neri Naig Miranda will draw awareness to mommies the opportunity it can bring.

Neri is the perfect Ka-POSIBLE retailer that can help business-minded moms, young professional and millennials alike who have the drive and the capability to attain their goal of economic independence, JG Puzon, POSIBLE CEO, said. “And, with the new features of the POSIBLE 2.0, we are a viable alternative fro them to achieve that goal.”

For more information about POSIBLE and its benefits we have a one-on-one video interview with Mr. JG Puzon POSIBLE CEO just go to YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/pilipinasdaily or click this link: www.youtube.com/pilipinasdaily/POSIBLEnewofferings2019


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